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About CK Hale

Our intention was to create a new kind of building using a sustainable and durable material like bamboo, that has higher strength then steel, withstands earthquakes up to 6.9, can resist hurricanes over 200 mph and is one of the oldest materials to date.


This unique setting has a story. It was a sacred site a (heiau) the remains of which are protected and are a part of the property.

The original inhabitants built a stone platform in 1530 to offer prayers and practice ceremonies. It was a place for the regeneration of land and good luck fishing. 

In 1984 our family visited the then village of Kaila Kona and decided to buy the land. The (mana) or energy of this space is powerful and very special.

We decided to work with David Sands, who is a world class architect and pioneer in this kind of material for homes and was able to built our multifamily building, which is first of its kind in the world.

We were able to create a space where people can be close to the ocean, enjoy beautiful views from the privacy of their home, while listening to the songs of exotic birds in morning and fall in love with the magical charm Kona offers. 

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CK Hale Project

The CK Hale project consists of one building divided into four sections, containing 8 condominium units.

CK Hale
CK Hale
CK Hale
CK Hale

This project is constructed principally of bamboo, metal, wood, masonry, plaster, glass and related building materials. The building is 2 stories in height, together with additional loft space above the second story on each end of the building.


Why Bamboo?

Bamboo is the best eco-friendly alternative to building with timber from a green perspective. Research shows that bamboo homes constructed well can respond better to natural events like earthquakes and hurricanes, compared to conventional construction.

Bamboo is the fastest growing plant and can be harvested sooner and more frequently than trees. Bamboo also offers one of the quickest natural ways of removing vast amounts of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere

CK Hale Units & Specifications


2 bedroom with 2 bathrooms

1,152 sqft interior

368 sqft exterior


2 bedroom with 2 bathrooms and loft

1.294 sqft interior

442 sqft exterior


1 bedroom with 1 bathroom

768 sqft interior

232 sqft exterior


1 bedroom with 1 bathroom

768 sqft interior

232 sqft exterior


1 bedroom with 1 bathroom

768 sqft interior

232 sqft exterior


1 bedroom with 1 bathroom

768 sqft interior

232 sqft exterior


2 bedroom with 2 bathrooms

1,152 sqft interior

432 sqft exterior


2 bedroom with 2 bathrooms and loft

1.294 sqft interior

472 sqft exterior


Our Vision

For the CK Hale team, sustainability does not stop at the materials we use, that is just the beginning. Our vision is to promote sustainable living.

The way we do this is by raising awareness of the importance of using green materials for small and large constructions & how implementing these practices will allow developers to reduce cost, significantly reduce emissions and most importantly, protect our environment. 

The more people that become aware of the great benefits of building with sustainable materials, specially bamboo, the faster we will be able to address some of the issues that affect our plant, like the high volume of emissions. Building with sustainable materials, not only is great for our plant, but also enhances the well-being of its inhabitants.


Meet our Team


David Sands

- Founder, Director and Chief Product Officer for Bamboo Ecologic Corporation dba RIZOME

- Climate Solution Company: Carbon Removal XPrize Top 60 Finalist

- Mission: Sequester gigatons of carbon by developing giant bamboo into a primary global building material

- Currently reforesting thousands of acres and producing laminated bamboo building materials 

- Founder and Chief Architect for Bamboo Technologies LLC dba BAMBOO LIVING

- Bamboo Living developed the first US building code standard for structural bamboo

- Completed hundreds of structural bamboo building projects over 27 years

- Former Chairman, KRIPALU Center for Yoga and Health: Largest yoga retreat facility in the US

- Featured on Discovery Channel: Building Off the Grid: Hawaii Bamboo House

- National AIA Convention speaker - American Institute of Architects

- World Bamboo Congress speaker

- Brazil, Colombia and Mexico Bamboo Congresses speaker

- American Bamboo Society National Convention speaker

- Former President of AIA Maui

- Licensed Architect Hawaii

- Masters of Architecture University of Florida

- Eagle Scout

Katie Karras_edited.jpg

Katie Karras

Katie has been a nature lover and environmentalist her whole life. Hawaii has been a home for much of her life and CKHale was a dream come true. After graduating USC in a double major of sociology and cultural anthropology she studied many forms of healing arts. She has been a certified massage therapist for 15 years and a warm water therapist for 13 years. Hawaii is a naturally healing place and the Hawaiian culture has been something she has also studied and participated in for over 25 years. This project was a dream to create a beautiful place for people to live or visit on one of the most enchanting places on earth. Its sustainability and emphasis on the natural world within the heart of Kailua Kona Hawaii is a unique project filled with Aloha.


Susan Clark

Having trained in classical theater at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London, UK and later studied with Stella Adler, I enjoyed a successful career in theater, film and television for 50 years. During that time I was introduced by the founders of Green Peace to environmental activism which has enriched my life.

This project, CK Hale, is a culmination of many aspects of this work; elegant urban living with nature and an old/new use of green building material - bamboo.  This amazing plant saves thousands of acres of forest as well as water – an increasingly rare natural resource.  And it is beautiful  - unlike concrete. When my late husband and I bought this land we had no specific plan and so it stayed empty until my daughter and the talented architect, David Sands co- co-created this lovely building. My hope is that it will inspire other people to build their dream house using these techniques and materials.


Betsy Hoffman

A true bi-coastal real estate expert. Betsy has sold over $200m dollars in real estate between New York City and Los Angeles in the past 15 years. Set price records on three different properties of the previous 3 years, she is a New Development specialist. She pairs a warm but direct personality, with over a decade of helping buyers, sellers and developers complete transactions in NYC’s  and Los Angeles' most desirable neighborhoods in all phases of the real estate cycle. Her strengths lie in communicating with buyers and making sure they understand the value proposition of the asset she is selling. 


John Steiner

John Steiner is an industry veteran, consistent top producing agent & passionate about everything real estate. Was an actor with a Broadway success to his name and a following for B horror movies. He speaks Italian, French, and German. Authentic service that ends with a SOLD sign. (In Memoriam)


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